21 Noteworthy YouTube Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

21 Noteworthy YouTube Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey (Pinterest)


Let’s skip the fluff and get straight into what you came here for. Below are 21 fitness YouTube channels that can help you get fit in the comfort of your own home for free.

  1. The Pilates Fix

Website: Pilatesfixonline.com

Notable Playlists:

The Holiday Fix Challenge

Pilates Bridal Bootcamp


2. Blogilates

Website: Blogilates.com

Notable Playlist and Challenges:

Popular Uploads

The Stretch Project—30-day Flexibility Challenge

30-Day Butt Lift Challenge

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge

Waist Trainer Challenge


3.  Shelly Dose

Notable Playlists:


4. Athlean-XX for Women

Website: Athleanx.com

Notable Playlists:

Fat Burning HIIT and Cardio Workouts for Women

Abs Workouts for Women


5. Autumn Calabrese

Website:  Autumncalabrese.com

Notable Playlist:

1 Minute Challenges


6. BeFiT

Website: Befit.com

Notable Playlists:

BeFiT Bootcamp Series Workouts

10 Minutes or Less Workouts

Mobile Workouts


7. BodyFit By Amy

Website: Bodyfitbyamy.com

Notable Playlists:

BabyFit by Amy Post Natal Workouts

BabyFit by Amy: Prenatal Workouts

Brain Breaks


8. Fitness Blender

Website: Fitnessblender.com

Notable Playlists:

HIIT Workout Videos – High Intensity Interval Training

10 Minutes or Less Workouts


9. Joanna Soh

Website: Joannasoh.com

Notable Playlists:

Total Body Fat Blasting Workouts

Sexy & Toned Abs Workout


10. K’s Perfect Fitness TV

Website: Ksperfectfitnesstv.com

Notable Playlists:

Slim and Sexy Series™

007 Inspired Workouts

10 Minute Beach Body Workouts


11. Love Sweat Fitness

Website: Lovesweatfitness.com

Notable Playlists:

Barre Bootcamp Workouts

Summer Shape up Series | LSF x Fabletics

LSF Challenges!


12. Melissa Bender

Website: Benderfitness.com

Notable Playlists:

12-Week Bikini Competition Prep: Bikini Body Home Workout Program

30-Day Workout Challenge: HIIT the New Year Hard


13. Super Sister Fitness

Notable Playlist:

Workouts | Yoga Classes

Workouts | Total Body

14. POPSUGAR Fitness

Website: Popsugar.com

Notable Playlists:

21-Day Summer Shape-Up Challenge

10-Minute Workouts


15. Rebecca-Louise

Website: Rlhealthy.com

Notable Playlist:

Celebrity Workouts


16. Sarah Fit

Website: Sarahfit.com

Notable Playlist:

SFitGym.com Workout Videos


17. Boho Beautiful

Website: Bohobeautiful.life

Notable Playlists:


Yoga For Beginners ♥


18. Tracy Campoli

Website: Tracycampoli.com

Notable Playlists:

Arm Workouts | Tracy Campoli



19. XHIT Daily

Website: Watchxhit.com

Notable Playlists:

Celebrity Workouts

Victoria’s Secret Model Workouts


20. Zuzka Light

Website: Zuzkalight.com

Notable Playlists:

5 Minute or Less Workouts

Best Butt and Lower Body Workouts


21. Action Jacquelyn

Website: Actionjacquelyn.com

Notable Playlists:

Get Stretchy: Yoga at Home; Yoga Classes; Yoga Stretches Videos

Workout at home: Barre Workouts, Barre Sculpt Classes, Booty Barre, Core Barre, Cardio Barre, and More! (Jacquelyn Umof on Cody App)


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21 Noteworthy YouTube Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey (Pinterest)

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