18 YouTube Channels That Will Strengthen Your Home Yoga Practice

18 YouTube Channels To Strengthen Your Home Yoga Practice (Pinterest) (1)

Let’s skip the fluff and get straight into what you came here for. Below are free YouTube channels dedicated to giving you all the benefits of yoga without the expensive gym membership.


  1. Anita Goa

Website: Anitagoa.com

Notable Playlists:

Yoga All Levels: Workout, Stretch, Restore, Meditation

Moon Phase Yoga


2. Sarah Beth Yoga

Notable Playlists:

Yoga For Women

Week-Long Yoga Challenges


3. Bad Yogi

Website: Badyogiofficial.com

Notable Playlists:

4-Week Yoga Challenge

Pose Tutorials & How-To’s


4. Brett Larkin Yoga

Website: Brettlarkin.com

Notable Playlists:

15 Minutes or Less (Yoga for Busy People)

Podcasts & Vlogs – Using Yoga to Make Our Real Life More Awesome!


5. Celest Pereira

Website: Celestpereira.com

Notable Playlists:

Weight-loss Yoga

Advanced Yoga


6. Chriska Yoga

Website: Chriskayoga.com

Notable Playlists:

Beginner’s Yoga


Relaxing Yoga


7. Do You Yoga

Website: Doyouyoga.com

Notable Challenges:

28 Day Yoga for Beginners


14 Day Yoga Body Challenge

14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge

14 Day Power Yoga Challenge


8. Fightmaster Yoga

Website: Fightmasteryoga.com

Notable Playlists:

Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge

Yoga Fix 90

Yoga Quickie 10-15 minute classes


9. Five Parks Yoga

Website: Fiveparksyoga.com

Notable Playlists:

Deep Stretch Yoga Classes


Yoga Fit

Intro to Yoga Series


10. Jayne Becca Yoga

Website: Jaynebeccayoga.com

Notable Playlists:

Dynamic Flow Videos


10 Minute Yoga Videos

15 Minute Yoga Videos


11. Liel Cheri

Website: Lielcheri.com

Notable Playlists:

30 Days of Yoga

Yoga for Balance


12. Rosalie Yoga

Website: Rosalieyoga.com

Notable Playlists:

Beginners Yoga


Vinyasa Flow


13. Yoga by Candace

Website: Yogabycandace.com

Notable Playlists:

Yoga as Therapy


Yoga by Time of Day

Yoga by Body Part Focus

14. Yoga Upload

Notable Playlists:

Yoga Flow Classes for Intermediate Level and Strong Beginners


Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes for Intermediate and Advanced

Wrist-Free Hands-Free Yoga Flow Classes

15. Yoga With Adriene

Website: Yogawithadriene.com

Notable Playlists:

30 Days of Yoga


Yoga On The Road

Yoga For Healing


16. Yoga with Kassandra

Website: Yogawithkassandra.com

Notable Playlists and Challenge:

14 Day Yin & Yang Yoga Challenge

Intermediate Yoga Classes

Yoga for Athletes


17. Yoga/Merge

Website: Yogamerge.com

Notable Playlists:

Yoga for Stretching & Flexibility


Yoga for Beginners


18. Heart Alchemy Yoga with Michelle Goldstein

Website: Heartalchemyyoga.com

Notable Playlists:

Power Yoga


Bhakti Yoga


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18 YouTube Channels To Strengthen Your Home Yoga Practice (Pinterest) (1)

18 YouTube Channels That Will Strengthen Your Home Yoga Practice (Facebook)

18 YouTube Channels That Will Strengthen Your Home Yoga Practice


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